Private Label Air Freshener

Custom Air Fresheners to Freshen Your Space

Our custom-printed air fresheners can be fully personalized. Perfect for private label/retail, but can also double up as promotional tools for your company or event.

Let Your Imagination Fly Wild with Our Custom Air Freshener

Create a unique and custom air freshener with Scented Promotions! If you are looking to procure air fresheners with a personal touch, Scented Promotions has you covered. Our premium air fresheners are made from premium quality materials to ensure that you can shop with confidence. Our custom air fresheners are suitable for numerous purposes. They are also perfect for any space: car, home, office, etc.

Custom Air Fresheners to Keep Your Space Smelling Great

You can now order bulk custom car air fresheners in the USA from Scented Promotions to make your space smell great. We offer a variety of different fragrances to choose from, but are also capable of producing any scent you desire.

When you order bulk custom car air fresheners from our store, you will get the chance to make those long drives more exciting. Your personalized car air fresheners will be pre-strung and packaged in a polybag that will keep the scent fresh. Note that your car is an extension of your personality. Make it uniquely yours with our best custom air freshener.

What’s Included with Our Custom-Made Air Fresheners?

At Scented Promotions, we go the extra mile to customize your desired air freshener. Here is what
you can expect from our custom-made air fresheners.

  • Molded to Any Shape : One of the key highlights of our custom-made air fresheners is that they are available in any shape. We stock a wide range of different shapes, but if we don’t have one that you’re looking for, we can make you a custom shape!
  • A Wide Variety of Scents : Our car air freshener with logo comes with included scents of your choice. We stock a variety of popular scents, but can also create custom scents as well.
  • String Color of Your Choice : While buying a car air freshener with logo, you will have complete flexibility in deciding its string color. We stock colors black and white. However, if you need a special color, this is something we can accommodate.

Sustainable Logo Air Freshener for Eco-Conscious Individuals

All our logo air freshener series of products are made of recycled materials. We use sustainable materials to customize air fresheners because it makes us happy. Scented Promotions is aware of the repercussions of unethical manufacturing on the planet. Here are some of the highlights of our logo air freshener.

  • The raw materials for air fresheners are sustainably sourced
  • Everything is manufactured in our warehouse in Las Vegas, NV
  • All of our materials follow all safety and environmental regulations
  • Our custom air fresheners are made out of paper- RECYCLE them!

Build Your Own Custom Air Freshener with Scented Promotions

We are one of the few companies that lets you build your custom air freshener. Do you want to propose to your girlfriend in the most creative way during a long drive? Are you searching for an air freshener that will remind you of your kids when you’re overspeeding on highways? Irrespective of your choice, we have the perfect custom air freshener with us.

Business Air Freshener as Corporate Gifts

You can now rely on our business air freshener as they can be the perfect corporate gifts. With our bulk custom air fresheners, you can improve the branding of your company. Shop for our car custom air fresheners today and make your environment inviting.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can customize the air freshener in any shape and size you want. Visit our portal today to learn about our expertise in custom air fresheners.

The cost of the custom air fresheners varies based on numerous parameters. To know the price of a particular air freshener and its customization charges, please visit our online store.  

We take great care in packing your air fresheners so that the fragrance stays unaffected. We also offer a wide variety of air freshener packaging options.  

You can put any type of logo on your air freshener and customize it.

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