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Add dazzle to your promoting efforts with custom-made branded air fresheners – the best way to showcase your company and brand!

Best quality. Cheapest prices. Made in USA

Manufacturer of Promotional, Retail, and Private Label Custom Air Fresheners

Best quality. Cheapest prices. Made in USA

Manufacturer of Promotional, Retail, and Private Label Custom Air Fresheners

A Variety of Fragrances to Choose From

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Scented Promotions

Welcome to Scented Promotions! Currently woman owned and family operated for over 25 years. We are well known in the promotional and retail world for our high-quality custom air fresheners. Being in the industry for so many years, we have built the ability to produce custom paper air fresheners with speed and quality, no matter the volume. With this and our competitive pricing, we are the #1 chosen and recommended company for custom air fresheners.

Quality Products

Our products are not only high quality, but high impact. 

Top Fragrances

Our fragrances are composed by the top fragrance houses in the nation

Best Pricing

Ask us for a quote and we will offer you a competitive price.

Make Your Promotions Stand Out in the Crowd With Custom Air Fresheners

Amidst today’s cut-throat competitive market, getting your brand noticed is one of the key challenges for any business. However, smart businesses have mastered the art – using innovative and out-of-the-box strategies to make their brands striking and distinctive. Among these, personalized air fresheners stand out as an effective yet underrated tool. Branded aromatic accessories create a lasting impression on consumers, triggering brand memories and loyalty.

If you are yet to tap into the exponential marketing potential of customized air fresheners, look no further than Scented Promotions. We are a fully women-owned and family-operated business, specializing in providing branded air fresheners for promotional, retail and private label purposes. If you’ve ever seen custom air fresheners in the wild, chances are they were produced by us.

Our Forte – Custom Promotions of Every Size and Variety

Scented Promotions is the original custom air freshener manufacturer, with 25+ years of experience creating custom promotions for businesses of all sizes.


Custom Air Fresheners For Every Need

Promotional Car Air Fresheners

Imagine getting into your car and it literally stinks like rotten fish or stale food. Or you drove your sweaty friend home from the gym and now your car smells. What a disappointment! At Scented Promotions, we create branded car air fresheners that you can use as one-of-a-kind promotional tools to gift your customers and clients to keep their space smelling fresh.

Private Label and Retail Car Air Fresheners

When we mention “personalized air fresheners,” that’s precisely what we mean. We let you completely customize these cute, fragrant guys with your brand logo and slogan, favorite colors or photos, or a text message that defines your business values.

Car Wash Air Fresheners

Custom air fresheners can be a fun gift for your clients and customers, while also serving as exceptional promotional tools. Our 100% USA-made air fresheners are not just high quality, but also high impact – creating a lasting impression on people with their strong and uplifting fragrances.

Custom Coasters

Not limited to just air fresheners, we also specialize in the printing of custom coasters. Our coasters are perfect for the hotel industry private events, nightclubs, bars & pubs, and event giveaways. Seamlessly transform your logo or any other artwork into high-quality coasters.

 Manufacturer of Promotional, Advertising, Custom Car Air Fresheners and Private Label Air Fresheners.


Key Product Highlights

So, what makes our branded air fresheners stand out in the market? Check out our product highlights:

  • Excellent promotional tools to get your brand noticed by your target audiences.
  • Select from a wide range of basic shapes and sizes, or we can create a custom shape air freshener that compliments your business.
  • Custom fragrances crafted by the USA’s leading fragrance manufacturers ensure high standards of quality and safety.
  • Order bulk custom car air fresheners to meet your unique needs.
  • Excellent quality and crisp prints that showcase your professionalism.


How Does It Work ?

Choose your quantity: Starting at 1,000 units and up! We have the capacity to manufacture millions of air fresheners quickly.

Choose a fragrance: Pick from our variety of different fragrances, perfectly curated by experienced fragrance manufacturers in the USA.

Choose your die shape: From basic shapes to any custom shape or size you need, we have you covered.

Branding: Share your branding material with us, which may include anything from your logo, design, artwork, or message. We will then arrange your artwork within your requested die shape and send it over for approval.

Once your proof is approved, we will move your order into production.


Latest Reviews

Adam Lam

Explore a diverse range of custom coasters and personalized air fresheners, including unique custom-shaped options. Perfect for businesses aiming for standout branding and memorable promotional giveaways.

Sam Murphy

They delivers excellence with custom-shaped air fresheners and stylish coasters. Long-lasting scents and unique designs make them ideal for memorable branding efforts. A must-visit for promotional brilliance.

Alina James offers top-quality custom coasters and personalized air fresheners. Their unique custom-shaped air fresheners are a standout choice for branding. Highly recommended for memorable promotional items.

The ‘Scented Promotions’ Difference!

Know why Scented Promotions is the #1 choice for custom-branded air fresheners in the USA.

  • We stock a variety of different long-lasting fragrances
  • High standards of paper and printing quality to ensure the prints are sharp and precise
  • Any shape and size, we have you covered!
  • 100% USA-made air fresheners for complete peace of mind regarding quality
  • Competitive pricing

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