Welcome to Scented Promotions! You may also know us as Scent USA.
Woman owned and family operated for over 30 years, we have specialized in nothing but the
production of custom paper air fresheners: Promotional and Private Label.

-We manufacture everything in Las Vegas, NV.
-QUALITY: Our products are not only high quality, but high impact. You’ll find that our prints are crisp
and clear, rather than dusty and blurry. As a pioneer in the industry, our products have been seen
and recognized throughout the world.

-FRAGRANCES: Our fragrances are composed by the top fragrance houses in the nation, therefore follow all safety regulations.
-PRICING: Ask us for a quote and we will offer you a competitive price. Just please don’t ask us to compete with China’s pricing 🙂
-PRODUCTION TIME: Our production line has the capability of producing high quantity orders in a short period of time.

Looking to get a quote? Email us at sales@scentedpromo.com

*DISCLAIMER: www.scentedpromo.com is NOT AFFILIATED with www.scentedpromos.com. As a company, we have spent many
years building our name, customer base and reputation. The individual who created www.scentedpromos.com intends on confusing
and misleading our customers.

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