Custom air fresheners manufactured to your car air freshener specification. Custom air freshener, custom scent, custom shape and custom price. Our personalized air fresheners are part of our 20 years history of manufacturing air fresheners.
Our reputation and air freshener quality is part of our history. Scent USA is famous for superior quality service and air fresheners quality.
.Custom car air fresheners and private label car air fresheners with our 4 color offset printing capability makes our product "stand out from the crowd."  Scented Promotions and Scent USA offers car air fresheners and private label air fresheners with a variety of different custom shapes, fragrances and custom colors. If you think of air fresheners -think of Scent USA. We will beat any price for USA made car air fresheners. Our 20 years experience and our custom printing equipment including custom packaging machines help us to deliver quality air fresheners.

  ASI / SAGE / PPAI / DISTRIBUTOR  (use "P" code to calculate your cost)    
  (Air Fresheners size) All our shapes fit inside rectangular space 3 x 4 inch   
  Do you still have questions?   Please contact:  
  QUANTITY / UNITS 500 1,000 2,500 5,000 10,000  
  1 or 2 Color printed on 1 or 2 sides 0.98 0.78 0.60 0.50 0.44  
  4 Color (Offset) printed on both sides 1.10 0.90 0.60 0.52 0.48  
  Setup  / per side  /  if the shape is symmetrical & art is the same on both sides - we will charge 1 set up only. 56.00 56.00 56.00 56.00 56.00  
  Standard die /shape from our stock FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE  
  Custom die 260.00 280.00 320.00 360.00 800.00  
                                                                                  ADDITIONAL INFORMATION  
    1 - Product:  Paper Car Air Fresheners are made in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Packed with elastic string attached.  
    2 - Raw materials:  Las Vegas Scented Promotions LLC., uses only American made raw product: oil, film, elastic string etc.   
    3 - Scents / Fragrances - Choose from our stock at:  
    4 -  Fragrance oil:  All our fragrance oils are approved by the I F A (including California Prop 65) for safety and environmental friendliness.   
    5 -  Paper for air fresheners:  Special Air Freshener Board /  Blotter Paper # 75 - 65 pt (1.4 mm)...size approx 2.6 x 3.0 inch  
    6 - DIE – standard shape - Choose from our stock at:  
    7 - Overruns : This is custom product we make only for you. Standard overruns - will ship and bill up to …5 %  
    8 - Exact qty: We always produce more product to execute your order. You have chosen "exact qty. Please add 10 %  to your unit price  
    9 - Standard production time:  10-14 days from final Proof approval  
  10 - Packaging:  Promotional Air Fresheners are packed in Clear Poly Bag with elastic string attached.  
  11 - 500 units  / Box size: 18 x 8 x 7 inch  / weight:   12 lbs - 14 lbs  
  12 - 1000 units  / Box size:  15 x 10 x 14  / weight;  20 lbs - 22 lbs  
  13 - Shipping information:  FOB (Freight on board)  Las Vegas, NV  89115.   
  14 - Estimated shipping cost: Due to different rates and shipping methods, we ask that you contact your shipping company  
         shipping company for quotes, or visit:  
  15 - All claims for shortages or errors in shipping must be made within 7 days of receipt of goods. Concealed shortages must be  
          accompanied by Carrier's Inspection Report.  
   B 1 - Web site:  
   B 2 - List of our fragrances:  
   B 3 -List of our dies / shapes / templates:  
  Artwork preparation:  
   B 4 - Please be so kind and email your artwork and PO together to:  
  We do accept all files EPS, AI, CDR, TIF, JPEG, but...due to the high volume of different software versions, fonts and updates in order to avoid  
  any problems during opening your file P L E A S E make sure to have your Computer Graphic prepare the files as we request.  
   B 5 - fit your shape / design inside rectangular 3 x 4 inch  (scale 1:1)  
   B 6 -  all artwork must be to size of the die with colors and layout in exact position.   
   B 7 - artwork, text and numbers - must stop 3/16" - 1/4" from the edge of the die  
   B 8 - background - bleed to the edge and finish 1/4 - 3/16" past the edge of the die   
   B 9 - all text converted to outlines (converted to curves)  
  B10 - before you save or export file to PDF first… please convert TEXT to outlines (or convert to curves)   
  B11 -  all colors MUST BE converted to CMYK ...DO NOT mix CMYK & PMS.   
  B12 -  the JPEG file attached with your PO & artwork would also give you and us an extra guaranty.  
  We will get close as possible to your requested colors, but because of fragrance oil, perfect color match in impossible.  
   All small orders up to 10.000 units are “gang” printed on our 4 color process/offset press so we DO NOT offer PMS match.   
  Therefore, any specified PMS color will be printed to the closest CMYK match. We will get close as possible to your requested colors,  
   but because of fragrance oil, perfect color match in impossible.  

Scent USA specializes in customized air fresheners and customized car wash gift air fresheners. We offer custom affordable prices for your custom air fresheners together with product quality.